Decision Making

What do you really want when booking live music? A few questions below to help guide you through the booking process.

  1. Size. Are you looking for a lively but small trio? How big is the space you'd have the musicians set up in? Do you have space for a 10+ band? what instruments do you want to be included in the band? Asking yourself these sorts of questions may help narrow down your search and it wont then feel so overwhelming when deciding on a band. 

  2. Stye/songs. Do you want something specific? Mumford and Sons style act? Do you want big party tunes all night? Do you require the band to learn your first dance to play live? 

  3. DJ Included. Have you got that covered or would you like a band who provide a DJ option too? Do you want a separate DJ to the band? Do the venue play background music?

  4. How long do you want the band to perform for? Are you hoping for live music as soon as your guests arrive? do you need an acoustic act before your live band? What time will you require the Music to start and finish?