90's & 00's R&B, UKG, Dance & Hip Hop
Modern pop to classic rock party band
Energetic pop function band
Roaming acoustic group
Munford & Sons style party band
Female vocal & saxophone band
Big show function band
Pop, Disco, Funk & Soul
Pop trio band with female lead singer option
New and exciting modern pop band
Versatile function band
Rock, pop and funk from 60's to now
Mixing songs in a slick DJ style
5 piece with acoustic & ceilidh option
Vintage style acoustic band
Motown classics
Pop, RnB, 90s, Funk and Soul
Versatile function band
Outstanding soul/pop/funk 4 to 6 piece function band. 
Polished, and highly experienced party band
Soul classics to current pop tunes
Traditional New Orleans instrumental to chart toppers
Jazz classics alongside some recognisable current hits
50’s & 60’s Vintage Rock ‘n’ Roll Party Band
Up to 5 amazing lead vocalists
The ultimate pop party band