Is your Venue ready for live music?

When Booking a venue for a wedding there are many things to consider if you want live music. We all know planning a wedding is a stressful process so we want to set you up with some helpful questions going into booking your dream wedding. 

  1. Does the venue allow live music? Might sound obvious but always check with the venue if you'd be allowed to hire live musicians. They could have a ban on live music for various reasons, for example near by neighbours. 

  2. Is the room you want your party to be in kitted out for live musicians? In other words is there a stage or specific place you can allocate to your band? *Remember* instruments, PA equipment and lighting can take up a lot of space.

  3. Is there a sufficient power supply to that area? Take a moment to check there are plug sockets and power to your stage area. 

  4. Does the venue have a sound limiter? These can be common in venues with nearby residents and always something to think about with the line up of your desired band. If there is a sound limiter be sure to pass this information across to us so we can inform the band and they can set to a certain level.

  5. Is there a room the band can use? Its always worth asking the venue for an extra room for the band. Somewhere they can eat, get ready and somewhere to hang out before their performance. Ideally this room can be locked so musicians can leave their valuable possessions safe when they are playing.

  6. Location. Can the band access the building in cars and vans? Being able to get as close to the venue as possible can save a lot of time for bands to set up. Check where the band can park and load in and out from. 

  7. Is there a curfew? Does the live music need to end at a certain time? Finding out this information can be vital to adhering to venue policies and allow you to plan your live music according.

  8. Closing time. Do the band need to be packed down and have left the building by a certain time? If so make sure you plan the last set with the band to give them adequate time to pack down and load out.